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Bob Ely has been servicing hot tubs for over 28 years. There isn’t a hot tub he hasn’t seen. If parts are available he can still fix your old spa. For the new hot tubs, All American has the technicians for the equipment that makes your hot tub work on speed dial and they talk to them daily.

While at your house, part of the service is educating you, the customer, about your hot tub. The biggest cause of service calls is lack of knowledge about water chemistry. It is really easy if the customer follows a few easy directions.

Bob has his office/cell phone on him all day long, Monday through Saturday, to answer any questions you have. Bob likes to educate and help you understand your hot tub, so you don’t have to wait for a service call.

Hot tubs are actually easy to maintain, and in the summer turn your heater down low. With the weather hot, you can still sit in your hot tub and get the therapy of the jet action.

There is a proven study by the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) that sitting in warm water therapy for 40 minutes is better for you than taking a long walk. It stimulates the heart and gets your blood flowing to maintain your health.