hot tub water chemistryThere is nothing worse than wanting to spend a relaxing evening in the hot tub, yet when the cover is pulled back, the water stinks and is a nice shade of green. Managing the water chemistry of a hot tub is essential to get the most enjoyment out of it. There are several things that can be done to manage the water chemistry between visits from a hot tub specialist.

The first thing is to keep the water clean. Keep the hot tub covered when it is not being used. This will keep leaves and dirt from getting in the water. In addition, taking a shower before entering the hot tub is essential for removing detergents, lotions and oils from swimsuits and skin. These things pollute the water and lead to bacteria and algae growth and odor.

Next, give the hot tub regular shock treatments. These treatments break down the organic materials like hair, dirt, soap, and perspiration that are left behind after a trip to the hot tub. This organic material is a breeding ground for bacteria and algae and shocking the water eliminates the food and prevents growth.

Finally, it is important to control the water balance of the hot tub. Make sure that you test the water on a regular basis and add the necessary chemicals to maintain the proper alkalinity, sanitizer, and pH levels.

A hot tub specialist can provide the proper levels and the types of chemicals to use in the hot tub. However, when adding chemicals to the hot tub be sure to add them one at a time and wait a couple of hours between adding each chemical. This will allow the chemicals to disperse naturally throughout the water and help prevent any chemical reactions between different chemicals.

If the water chemistry of a hot tub is managed well between visits from a hot tub specialist, it will provide enjoyment and relaxation for the whole family. If you need help providing regular maintenance for your hot tub, think about joining our maintenance club. Find more information at

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