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Are You Ready for Hot Tub Season?

Are You Ready for Hot Tub Season?

Winter is soon coming and it’s always best prepared. Your hot tub may have been sitting unused all Summer, and before you take a jump in when the weather cools down there are few ideas to think of to make sure it’s safe, sound, and ready for use. Hot tubs can easily become dirty and contaminated with bacteria but still look fresh and clean so a few simple tests and procedures will guarantee that your tub is ready to rock for the cold winter nights that are soon coming.

Each of the following tips should help you better get a handle on your hot tub situation. There is nothing worse than getting ready to take a dip only to find out that the tub is stagnant and filthy, the process of cleaning can take a few days to complete so it’s best to get prepared now.

Has Your Cover Been Working Properly?

It’s important to check the effectiveness of your hot tub cover. If there are leaks, cracks, or the cover isn’t sealing properly chances are that rainwater and debris have entered your tub. If that’s the case the first step is to replace the cover and then to get ready for the next step of preparing your tub.

Drain Your Tub and Clean It

This step is recommended to for anyone regardless of the condition of your cover. It’s always nice to have fresh, clean water and not take any chances on bacteria getting in your system which can cause illness and skin conditions.

It’s as simple as draining the tub and then giving it a thorough cleaning to get off any grime, calcium, mold or mildew which may have accumulated in the hard to reach corners or on any of the surfaces of the tub. It’s very important to clean it and not just drain it.

Balance and Check the Chlorine Levels and Get it Ready for Relaxation

After you’ve cleaned the tub and have thoroughly rinsed it out then the next step is to fill it back up and then add the needed chemicals. It’s best to check and adjust the pH levels and other chemical levels over the next few days. Once you’ve hit the desired and appropriate levels it’s time for the final step.

Sit Back and Relax in Your Nice Clean Hot Tub

That’s it; you have prepared your hot tub for the following winter months and can now sit and relax in the nice warm waters!

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