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The use of an Ozonator makes it possible to purify the water in your hot tub or spa without having to use harsh chemicals.

An Ozonator is a separate piece of equipment that converts the oxygen (O2) in the air that we breathe into O3, (pure oxygen or heavy oxygen). This pure oxygen is pumped into the spa water and it over-oxygenates the water. This extra amount of oxygen in the water acts as a slow kill for any living organism.

Ozonators can be used to purify the water instead of using chemicals such as Bromine or Chlorine. This is a safer method of water purification, and better for the ecology.

Ozonators Wear Out

What spa owners do not realize is that the ozonator can wear out, just like tires on your car. Most ozonators will last about 3 years, and then begin to fail, sometimes almost overnight. Without the sanitizing power of the ozone, organic matter can build up quickly, and water quality deteriorates. Many owners try to compensate for this by adding more and more chemicals, sometimes creating chemistry imbalances that can even result in a hot tub rash.

Replacing a worn ozonator is easy

Many spa technicians can handle this very quickly. The impact on your spa water will be immediate.

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