“Can my Hot Tub be fixed?” “Hot Tub not working” “Hot Tub Not Heating”

Hi everyone,

We hope that this finds you well and ready to learn more about Hot Tubs!

If you are typing things like the above statements into Google or some other search engine, chances are you may be directed to countless pages and pages of articles of different opinions or confusing “Do It Yourself” tricks that people have thought of and wanted to put out there onto the internet. This is essentially like wandering down Alice’s rabbit hole…and while Wonderland may be a nice place to go every now and then; when it comes to getting your Hot Tub fixed and fixed CORRECTLY, you are going to want to go with All American Decks and Spas: industry professionals for over 32 years.

If your hot tub is making strange sounds, isn’t heating to the temperature you are setting it to (or not at all), or even if it isn’t even turning on when you plug it in or flip the breaker – give us a call! (941) 315-1001. We will expertly diagnose your issue and advise you on steps we can take to fix it. It is our goal to “Get You Back in Hot Water!”

Any time you have questions about your hot tub, whether it be repairs or even how to use it to its fullest potential, give us a call and we will walk you down the path towards solutions; NOT down a rabbit hole of confusion and dead ends.

Have a great weekend (or week, depending on when you read this!)


All American Decks and Spas

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Proudly fixing and moving hot tubs and swimspas throughout Sarasota, Venice, Bradenton, Palmetto, and Port Charlotte (to name a few).

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