Hi Everyone, it’s time for our Monthly Customer Email:
August is upon us and Summer is on its way out – we hope that everyone has been enjoying themselves both in and out of their hot tubs during these hottest months of the year
We wanted to use this month’s Newsletter to remind you all of some  of the benefits of taking time to relax in your hot tub each night/week.
Did you know that spending just 15-20 minutes in your hot tub can increase your circulation, help to reduce the effects of arthritis, and also improve your ease and quality of sleep each night? 
This modern era is moving faster and faster – propelling us along each day in seamless succession so that weeks and months just seem to fly by.
But this is not the way that it has to feel.
It is up to each of us to take the time for ourselves to just push “pause” and relax for a little each night. We owe it to ourselves to allow time to reflect on the events of the days-past and position ourselves to be better-prepared for what each new day has to offer.
Now…sometimes (most times?) taking 15-20 minutes is easier said than done! But it certainly won’t happen if we don’t make it a priority at all.
This month, make your health and taking time to relax and reflect a priority. Hot tubs are incredible vessels for both entertainment and introspection. 
This August, we advise you to kick back and relax in your hot tub at least 2 more times than you did in July. And why stop there?? At All American Decks and Spas, it is our goal to encourage you to enjoy the multiple benefits of regularly using your hot tub and to make sure your spa is always working at its best capacity.
Give us a call if you have questions, are interested in having us regularly maintain your hot tub, or if you have been meaning to get a piece of equipment on your hot tub repaired but haven’t had the opportunity to call us yet.
We feel that it’s going to be a wonderful Fall season this year in Florida, and we would love to be a part of your enjoyment of it!
Have a great August, everyone. Thank you for your time – we truly appreciate and value you and your business.
All American Decks & Spas
(941) 315 1001
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