Ozone, sometimes referred to as energetic oxygen, is a powerful oxidizer of contaminants in water. It is made available for hot tubs and spas through the use of ozone generators called ozonators. Ozone is formed when three atoms of oxygen are bound together, instead of the normal two. If you have ever detected a faint, sweet smell in the air after a lightning storm, that was ozone!

90% of all new hot tubs come “ozone ready” requiring only a simple hookup of an ozonator kit, and sometimes also with an injector. With hot tubs not so equipped, there are several ozone installation options available, and one of them will likely be suitable for your system.

Are you ready for a virtually chemical-free hot tub?

Benefits of a Hot Tub Ozonator

• Ozone purifies naturally
• Reduces need for high chemical doses
• Reduces maintenance time & cost
• Helps destroy bacteria, viruses, algae, yeasts
• Oxidizes other contaminants
• Reduces odor and chloramines
• Prolongs equipment life

Without the sanitizing power of the ozone, organic matter can build up quickly, and water quality deteriorates. Many owners try to compensate for this by adding more and more chemicals, sometimes creating chemistry imbalances that can even result in a hot tub rash.

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